Do all banks provide a routing number, full account number, and account holder name?

Please use the search API to restrict the results to only those banks that return a routing number, full account number, or account holder name.

How long does it take for me to complete integration with Yodlee IAV?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks with Yodlee FastLink and 4 to 5 weeks without Yodlee FastLink

Should I require Yodlee FastLink to have users link their accounts?

Yodlee FastLink is not required and login forms can be built separately. Building login forms could take more time so Yodlee FastLink is recommended.

How can I delete users’ accounts after linking them with Yodlee?

Please refer to the Delete API.

Should I create users with Yodlee?

For every user of your application, a new user should be created with Yodlee. All activities are then associated with Yodlee and retrieving/deleting accounts is much easier.

How do I know which provider supports which datasets?

By calling GET v1/providers with the datasets you need, the API response will display the datasets that are supported and requested.

How do I get access to these datasets?

Contact the Yodlee Sales team to enable access to the datasets

If I am an aggregation customer, will I be able to call the link-account API with datasets?

No. These datasets are available only with a subscription

If I am an IAV customer and if I don’t pass any of the datasets in the add-account call, what data will be returned in the response?

All account level data like account name, partial account number, balances, and so on will be returned. Full account number, bank transfer code, and the account holder’s full name will not be returned.

How do I trigger a balance refresh call for an account that was already added?

By calling PUT v1/providerAccounts along with the datasets that you need.

I don’t intend to use the API calls and build the complex logic of login flows. Do I have an alternative?

Yes. We recommend Yodlee FastLink. Yodlee FastLink is a responsive and flexible developer tool that allows your users to add accounts quickly and easily. It handles complex login forms like multifactor authentication for you. Click here to know more about Yodlee FastLink.

Can we receive webhook notifications for link/add or update accounts?

Yes. Webhooks notifications are supported. Please visit the webhooks page for more details.