Bank Account


The bank account article contains the account level information of the bank container.

Bank Account Data Elements

The table below table describes the main data elements populated by Yodlee at account level for bank container. Refer to BankData in javadocs to locate these fields.

Field Name Description Data Type Availability Example Possible Values
Account Holder Name or identification of the owner of the account. String Often John Doe  
Account Type The type of consumer’s account.  String Often Checking AccountType
Account Number The account number for the bank account. It is used for account reconciliation logic. String Often 123456789, xxxx2345, S1-23434  
Account Name The account name (description) for the bank account. This field is used for account reconciliation logic. String Often John's Checking  
Available Balance The available balance in the account (may include pending transactions) Money Often 45000.00  
Maturity Date The CD maturity date Date Often 08/05/2008  
Current Balance The current account balance (may not include transactions yet to be posted to the account – often as of previous business day) Money Often 80,000.00  
Overdraft Protection The overdraft protection amount for an account. Money Sometimes 4,000.00  
Previous Year Interest Earned The Interest earned by each account in the previous calendar year Money Often 4500.00  
Routing Number The routing number for the bank account Number Sometimes 9999999963  
Interest Rate Interest rate associated with the account Double Sometimes 5.6  
As Of Date Date as of which account information is current. Date Sometimes 2008-08-17T09:30:47.0Z  
Maturity Amount CD Maturity Amount Money Sometimes 80,087.45  
Term Term of a CD String Sometimes 6 Months/30 Days/6 Weeks/5 years  
Interest Earned YTD Interest earned by each account for current calendar year Money Sometimes 4500.00  
Nominee Name Nominee Name on the account String Sometimes    
Account Nickname at Source Site Account name (description) for each bank account.  String Sometimes John's Checking  
Account Classification Classification of the account. On classification, the transactions will be categorized by giving preference to small business categories for small business accounts. String Rarely Personal  
Bank Transaction(s) The list of bank transactions associated to this account. BankTransaction Often    
*The fields listed here are only the most commonly required data elements.