Yodlee APIs are modern RESTful APIs that offer a simple and secure way for developers to access the Envestnet | Yodlee financial data platform. Our API services provide an intuitive integration architecture with reduced code requirements allowing for speed of integration, intuitive APIs, and a simplified data model. Our core value is not just to be the leader in providing financial data but also to deliver a world class developer experience.

The Envestnet | Yodlee financial data platform, through our RESTful APIs, provides developers access to  over 15,000 data sources for a multitude of financial data, including bank direct deposit accounts (DDAs), wealth, credit card, loans, insurance, bills, small business, and more. Easy integration and seamless access to data let developers who use our platform the ability to deliver rich user experiences. 

The Yodlee APIs offer a wide-variety of services like add account, get user transaction data such as bills, holdings, etc. The following are the services supported.

  • Cobrand - cobrand authentication
  • User - register user, login user, get user info
  • Provider - get provider site related information
  • ProviderAccount - link and manage provider accounts
  • Account - get account details, remove accounts
  • Transaction - get user transactions, details of each transaction
  • Statements - get detailed bill information
  • Holdings - get information about holdings associated with user account
  • Derived - get net worth, transaction summary, asset summary

To see Yodlee API services in action and their response, dive into API References.