Account Aggregation

Access to Financial Data

Our Aggregation product allows 3rd party developers user-permissioned and secure access to their users’ financial accounts, including checking, savings, investments, loans, and rewards accounts.


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Many Account types         

We support importing data from accounts of many types: savings, checking, credit card, loan, investment, insurance, etc.

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Users have control of access

Data access is controlled by user permission at all times.

Security and privacy protocols

Data access uses the same security and privacy protocols that commercial banks use.

Data Enrichment

The Yodlee Platform employs a 15 step process to clean, normalize, secure, store, and enrich your data so that it’s reliable and actionable.


Full year's worth of data

Yodlee API typically can provide up to one year of data.

Transaction Categorization

Accurate algorithms to categorize transactions using an expansive list of categories.

Enriched Transaction Data

Merchant recognition, address, and geo-location information, included with transaction data.

Getting Started

Register user                                          

Register your new user with the POST /user/register API

Use FastLink to bring in accounts

Use the FastLink GUI from a browser, to handle the end-user experience for adding accounts.

Use APIs to build your app

Our RESTful API will quickly provide access to your users' current data. Issue a GET /accounts to get a list of accounts held by the user