Yodlee API v1.1

Envestnet | Yodlee API (“Yodlee API”) is a flexible RESTful API that allows developers to access personal financial data from the Envestnet | Yodlee financial data platform that can be used to develop various financial management applications. Yodlee API v1.1 is designed to work with FastLink 3.

Yodlee's core API supports the entire lifecycle of building a financial data application, from searching for financial institutions, to adding/updating accounts, aggregating/retrieving data, and receiving data change notifications. Yodlee's core API supports 90% of the top volume sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

Envestnet | Yodlee API v1.1 is built on the concept of datasets (see working with datasets). A dataset is a related set of data attributes. One or more datasets (or selected attributes) may be retrieved in order to support a particular use case. For example, a customer with a Credit Lending product may want to offer credit after determining a user’s financial health (e.g., balances and recent transactions) and verifying the ownership of the user’s accounts. Retrieving data attributes such as the latest account balance, transaction and holdings can help in validating the user’s financial health, while the full account number, full account holder name(s), bank transfer code, etc., can help in successfully verifying ownership of the consumer's account. These attributes can be obtained by retrieving the Basic Aggregation Data and Account Profile Datasets.

Dataset Status and Request Tracking

The API provides the flexibility to request specific datasets or attributes.

Yodlee Platform Datasets

The following datasets are supported with Yodlee API v1.1:

  • Basic Aggregation Data
    The Basic Aggregation Data dataset provides basic account information such as balance, transactions, holdings, etc. This dataset is generally useful for financial wellness or lending solutions.

  • Advance Aggregation Data
    The advance aggregation dataset consists of attributes that supplement the basic aggregation dataset attributes to solve a use case. Additional navigation is mostly required to aggregate this dataset and customers have to subscribe to this dataset to receive the data.

  • Account Profile
    The Account Profile dataset provides sensitive account information such as full account number, account holder name, etc. This dataset is generally useful to support use cases that require verification of account ownership, such as account opening or enabling funds transfer. Access to this dataset requires Yodlee Security Office approval.

  • Document
    Yodlee provides access to end user's financial documents that are generally accessible from financial institution sites as PDF documents, e.g. tax documents, monthly statements, etc. This dataset is generally useful to meet compliance requirements in use cases like asset transfers and credit lending.

Dataset Details

Each dataset has multiple attributes as described in the table below. Each attribute is further logically comprised of individual data fields.

Dataset Name

Attribute Name

Attribute Description

Basic Aggregation Data

Account Details

High-level summary of the user’s accounts. Provides data such as account balance, loan payment, interest rate, (masked) account number, etc.


Individual financial transactions for each account type, e.g. bank, credit card, loan, etc.


Holdings details for investment accounts.


Monthly bill details like due date, amount due, bill date from accounts like credit cards, loans, utilities.

Advance Aggregation Dataset

Interest Details

The interest rate-related data of a credit card or loan account.

Payment Details

Loan payment-related details such as payoff amount, outstanding balance, etc.


The coverage-related details for superannuation accounts, life insurance, and health insurance.

Account Profile

Full Account Number

The full (unmasked) account number aggregated, wherever possible by performing additional navigation at the site.  Full account numbers are only available for bank and investment accounts.

Bank Transfer Code

The bank transfer code is the list of unique IDs assigned to a bank and its branches that are required for payment routing purposes. The appropriate bank transfer code is aggregated for each location of the provider. Depending on the country the following is returned:

  • United States: Routing Number
  • India: IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)
  • Australia: BSB (Bank State Branch) Code
  • United Kingdom: Sort Code
  • Canada: Bank Transit Code

Account Holder Name(s)

The account holder's full name, which is vital for verifying account ownership. For joint accounts, the names of individual account owners will be returned (if they are displayed on the site).

Holder Details

Holder Details includes data fields such as email, phone numbers, addresses.

These fields are conditionally returned by the Yodlee core API depending on the availability of information at the financial institution’s site.

Payment Profile

The payment profile attribute contains information such as payment address, payment identifier, etc., that are required to set up a payment.



All tax-related PDFdocuments are available at the financial institution's site. Tax documents are supported in two regions: Yodlee supports IRS Form 1099 for U.S. and Form 26AS for India.


The monthly PDF account statements available online at the financial institution's site. Statements are supported for bank and investment containers only.


The PDF bill statement available online at the biller or financial institution site that helps the consumer to verify details before making a bill payment. EBills are supported only in the U.S.