January 31, 2018

January 2018 Release Notes

Envestnet | Yodlee

Platform v1.1 Release

Envestnet | Yodlee platform v1.1 is the next version of the flexible RESTful Yodlee APIs that give developers access to different combinations of data from the Envestnet Yodlee financial data platform based on their use cases – balances/transactions, verification, or both. The APIs provide the flexibility to request specific datasets and return a simplified status representation for each of them.

Benefits of v1.1 include –

  • Supporting datasets- BASIC_AGG_DATA, ACCOUNT_PROFILE and DOCUMENTS. The datasets can be set as default configurations for a given customer. The default configuration can be overridden during the add, edit, and update API calls by passing specific datasets.
  • Faster integration and lower development costs
  • Retrieving account profile, document, PII data on already aggregated accounts without needing to re-enter credentials

New Capabilities of Platform v1.1

  • Account Profile for Investment Accounts

    Account profile data for investment accounts will permit verification of investment cash accounts for funding purposes. The information provided as part of an account profile will be the full account number, account type, account holder name, and routing number.

  • Secondary Account Holder Details

    The account profile dataset now supports the ability to provide multiple holder details for valid accounts. The default platform behavior is to provide multiple holder details when applicable but customers can modify the default to configure the dataset for single holder information.

  • Support for Documents

    Yodlee platform v1.1 enables customers to subscribe to documents such as eBills, statements, and tax forms. This platform functionality is for customers who subscribe to the add-on document dataset.

Important Notes

V1.0 Features Supported in Platform V1.1

Yodlee platform v1.1 has been designed to support existing critical capabilities like

  • Data extracts – notification and polling mechanisms
  • Refresh webhooks notifications
  • Transaction data enrichment

Endpoint URL Changes

Unlike platform v1.0, platform v1.1 Yodlee API endpoint URLs accept the version number and the customer name as header parameters. A detailed migration document has been made available to guide the v1.0 customers to upgrade to the latest version.

Webhooks Vs FastLink

REFRESH webhooks cannot be subscribed by customers who are using FastLink. This limitation applies to both FastLink 2.0 and FastLink 3.0. Customers who are using only API services can subscribe for REFRESH notifications but should refrain from calling the polling APIs to learn the add/update account status.

REFRESH Webhooks – Timeout behaviour

Yodlee recommends displaying information on the UI that the response time takes longer than usual when the provider does not respond or takes a longer time. This information is intended to help create a better user experience.

FastLink 3.0

Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink 3.0, the newest version, features an improvised user interface that supports adaptive user flow. It is a single application that supports both aggregation and verification of accounts. FastLink 3.0 includes support for account verification, aggregation with account profile information, and asset transfers.
There are new, bigger, logo buttons for popular sites. We also bring together the static/defined, dynamic, popular, and suggested sites for display in a single section. Other feature highlights include:

  • Tips
  • Search bar alignment and behavioral changes
  • Floating labels that follow the new app design standards
  • New messages highlighting success and success event notifications

Yodlee API V1.0—Enhancements

New Fields

API Service Container Field Name
GET accounts/{accountId}
GET accounts
loan loanPayoffdate
GET transactions investment commission




API Service Enhancement Details
GET accounts/{accountId}
GET accounts
homeInsurance type has been enhanced to provide the following values: HOME_OWNER, RENTAL, RENTER, OTHER
GET transactions TransactionStatus has been enhanced to provide a new status “SCHEDULED”

FastLink 2.0 - IAV Search Enhancement

Envestnet | Yodlee will enable an enhanced search in all the FastLink 2.0 IAV applications with the newly integrated Yodlee API platform. FastLink’s search engine has now been optimized for a better user experience. Searches include:

  • Highly relevant results
  • Special character support like “&”in an institution’s name
  • Results based on region-specific site popularity
  • Faster response time
  • Internet-search engine like search capability now offers results even with single character entry, including special characters.