November 30, 2019

November Release Notes 2019

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Yodlee APIs – New Features/Enhancements

Yodlee API – SDKs

Yodlee released YAML in 2019 Q1, and now releases a Java SDK (client library to make API calls). Yodlee strongly recommends using SDKs for app development. If the SDK corresponding to a select language is not available, please use the YAML file to generate the client library as described on the Generating a Client Using the Swagger YAML page.

Data Extracts – Retry Mechanism Enhancement

Yodlee has increased the data extracts feature “retry attempts” from 3 to 8 attempts. If a notification is not delivered, Yodlee will attempt to deliver the failed notification in intervals of 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, and 1280 minutes. This enhancement is available to both Yodlee API v1.0 and Yodlee API v1.1 customers.

Support for Multiple Values in the Account Status Filter

The filter in GET /accounts and GET /statements APIs now allows multiple values for the accountStatus parameter (choosing from ACTIVE, INACTIVE, TO_BE_CLOSED, and CLOSED). This improvement means you can often update your code to make one API call instead of several. The enhancement is available to both Yodlee API v1.0 and Yodlee API v1.1 customers.

Important Notes and Bug Fixes

  • The isRencociliable field is removed from the response of GET /accounts and GET /accounts/{accountId} APIs of version Yodlee API v1.1.
  • In Yodlee API v1.1 and v1.0, name.first, name.middle, and name.last attributes will not accept blank, null, tab, or shift as values in the PUT and POST /user APIs. An error will be thrown for the same.
  • No action can be performed using the PUT/ providerAccount API when an existing process is in progress for a provider account.

Configuration Tool Changes and Enhancements

The Styles, Strings, and Features sections of the FastLink configuration tool have been enhanced with more choices, mostly related to Open Banking (a feature currently only available in the E.U. and UK locales). The Help section has been upgraded and small improvements made to preview and other relevant default/reset/rollback features.

  • Styles-related enhancements:
    • Screens related to the FastLink Open Banking single site selection (SSS) flow are added to the styling tool. These screens will only be available for customers who have opted for Open Banking.
    • Customers can make the desired style or CSS changes to alter the look and feel of the application and then preview or publish the changes.
  • Strings-related enhancements:
    • Multiple sets of strings are added for the FastLink Open Banking SSS flow.
    • All the existing and new strings are categorized based on the buttons, links, steppers, or headers element types.
    • Multiple instances of the same string across the tool are removed.
    • All button strings are capitalized by default.
  • Features-related enhancements:
    • Features related to the FastLink Open Banking SSS flow are appended to the existing set of features.
    • Repetitive feature headings or descriptions are removed.
  • Miscellaneous upgrades to the configuration tool:
    • Instead of having an inline Help section, the new Help section redirects to the developer portal FastLink 3.0 Configuration Guide page.
    • The Preview section is upgraded to display flows that are only relevant to the user. The newly introduced Mobile and Web views allow the user to visualize the changes in web and mobile and publish the changes.
    • The FastLink or FastLink Lite segregation before login is removed. A single login will cater to all the customization requirements depending on the type of customer.

User Experience Changes for Open Banking Single Site Selection Flow

  • The consent form and Manage Access pages have minor updates.
  • An error message will be displayed if a deep linking user tries to access the Manage Access page during one-time consent.
  • A processing spinner is introduced while transitioning from the Consent page/view to the interstitial transferring consent request to the FI page/view.
  • Pop-ups are center-aligned for web views – both horizontally and vertically.

Real Estate Accounts Feature for Open Banking SSS Flow

For the Open Banking SSS flow, adding real estate accounts is enabled for the US locale users at the user-account level.

Account Verification – New Features/Enhancements

Account Verification Using Transaction Details

The account validation capability needed for ACH debits has been updated to perform account validation with automatic transaction-matching.
In Yodlee API v1.1, the new POST /verifyAccount/{providerAccountId} API will validate accounts by matching transaction details for the requested accounts. When a match is identified, the API returns details of the accounts along with details of the matching transactions.

Account Verification Performance Improvements

We have improved performance during the first-time account linking process (account aggregation). Currently, this performance improvement will only be seen by FastLink 3.0 customers who have opted for platform performance improvements.
Over the next few months, this capability will be incrementally rolled out to other FastLink 3.0 customers. The improved aggregation performance is currently available for the top 20 retail banks that Yodlee supports.

Other Enhancements

  • In the Yodlee FastLink 3.0 - Data Service (DS) flow, the Select Accounts page is skipped by default when a single account is available for verification. This enhances the user experience and makes the DS flow consistent with the matching service flow.
  • To improve the overall challenge deposit verification (CDV) experience, in Yodlee FastLink 3.0 and Yodlee API v1.1, we have strengthened the routing number (RTN) and account number validations. Supporting many more RTNs will improve the CDV success rate.
    • Yodlee will now support CDV for an ACH-eligible RTN even if Yodlee does not support the site to which the RTN belongs. This enhancement to support more RTNs will improve the CDV success rate and reduce the overall CDV rejection rate.
    • If a FastLink 3.0 customer initiates CDV using RTN of a site that Yodlee does not support, the providerId will not be part of the post message and callback parameter.
    • The GET /accounts and GET /verification APIs now return the unmasked consumer-provided account number that is used to initiate CDV.
  • The informative message in the Enter Account Details page was missing when CDV was initiated from the FastLink Select a Site page. The following statement is introduced in the Enter Account Details page and is consistently displayed when CDV is invoked from any other FastLink page: To manually verify an account, enter your account details. The process takes 2-4 days to complete.