September 30, 2017

September 2017 Release Notes

Envestnet | Yodlee

New Features

Transaction Data Enrichment

Transaction data enrichment (TDE) algorithms and machine learning capabilities are more accurate than ever and have been updated across merchant name, geo-location, longitude and latitude, digital location, simple description and categories. TDE enhances the consumer experience, especially on mobile devices.

The new features of TDE are:

  • Merchant name is available with increased merchant coverage providing top merchants as well as long-tail and local merchants (e.g., "merchantName":"7-Eleven").
  • Geo-location, including address, city, state, and ZIP is available for brick and mortar transactions where a unique location is available (e.g., "addressLine1": "5125 W Cypress St", "city": "Tampa", "zipCode": "33607", "state": "FL", "country": "us"). Where there are several locations within a given city, the city and state is identified,
  • Longitude and latitude coordinates are identified for many in-store transactions, which is useful for determining location and creating maps (e.g., “latitude”:” 27.952701”, “longitude”:” -82.531278”).
  • Digital location, including email address, phone number, and Web address is supported for many transactions (e.g., "email": "", "url":"", "phone":" (813)282-8330").
  • Simple description, a concise and mobile-friendly description of the transaction, is available to make transactions easily recognizable at a glance (e.g., "description":"7-Eleven”).
  • Category accuracy is improved due to advanced tagging and optimal machine learning strategy (e.g., "categoryId":10, "categoryName":"Groceries).

The above TDE features have been optimized for the US, UK, Australian, and Canadian markets using machine-learning techniques combined with local market expertise.The new TDE is available as part of the Yodlee Data Aggregation API. The new Data as a Service file delivery is also available for those who wish to consume the enriched data outside the Yodlee platform and for use with other systems and applications.

Data Extracts

Data extracts services help Envestnet Yodlee customers retrieve their consumers' data in an efficient and secure way. These services provide incremental payload data that gets inserted, updated, or deleted in the system for a defined duration
There are two ways to implement data extracts:

  • Extract data after notification (recommended)
  • Extract data by polling

Enhancements, Fixes, and Operational Improvements

Yodlee FastLink

Updates to Yodlee FastLink include more accurate search capabilities to improve onboarding, multifactor authentication (MFA) support for one-time passwords to enhance security, and an easier to use white label customization tool for updates and deployments.

Enhanced Search

Yodlee FastLink’s core search engine now offers an enhanced site-search experience. The benefits include:

  • Highly relevant search results: Beginning with the characters the user has typed in; results are displayed in decreasing order of relevance. The most popular sites beginning with the entered characters supersede those that are less popular in the search results. For example, if the user typed Cit, Citibank sites will show up over and above other institutions, such as CIT Bank. This does not prevent the user from scrolling down the list to select a less-popular institution/site, if that is indeed their intention.
  • A more comprehensive scan of institution names: Words such as Bank, Credit Union, etc. are integral to the names of many financial institutions (e.g., Bank of America, Bank of the West etc.). While searching for a site, common nouns and symbols are not deprioritized against the proper name of the institution/organization itself, but are viewed as an integral part of an institution’s official name. Even typing in a single character will begin surfacing search results ordered by popularity and beginning with the character entered.
  • Results based on region-specific site popularity: Results are ordered with higher priority given to the most popular sites/financial institutions in the region from where the user is accessing the application. For example, a user looking for Fidelity in the UK will first see the institution’s UK sites before those from other regions are displayed.
  • Shorter response time: The new search algorithm improves response time significantly from previous versions.

Availability: This is available to all customers on Yodlee FastLink 2.0.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication enhances security by allowing the user to receive a one-time passcode from institutions offering the feature.Users are able to select a mode of communication, i.e., phone call, text, or email and select the destination where the one-time passcode needs to be sent, i.e., the phone number or email saved on the user profile at the requesting institution.


Figure 1: Select Mode and Destination

Yodlee FastLink White Label Customization Tool

The Yodlee FastLink customization tool has been enhanced to support adaptive user flows.Benefits include:

  • Intuitive and easy white labeling through preconfigured options displayed as toggles, drop-downs, and editable text boxes.
  • Significantly easier and faster customization and white labeling through self-publishing. Yodlee FastLink customers can now publish updates to their customizations

Yodlee API Enhancements

Sub Error Code for SAMLLogin and SAMLRegister API Services

New field errorSubCodewill be provided for the Y013 error(s) that are thrown in v1/user/samlLogin and v1/user/samlRegister services

Associated Provider Accounts Support

To support the use cases of the same account shared between different user credentials, enhancements made in the get accounts and get account details services to provide information about the associated provider accounts linked with the accounts. A new field associatedProviderAccountId is introduced.

New service to expose security information

A new API service has been exposed to provide the additional security information for holdings

Yodlee API Changes

New Fields

API Service Name Container Field Names
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
 bank, creditCard, investment, insurance, loan, otherAssets, otherLiabilities, realEstate  includeInNetworth
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
investment shortBalance
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
All containers aggregationSource
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
loan interestPaidYTD
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
bank annualPercentageYield
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
creditCard cashAdvance
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
insurance premium
GET v1/accounts
GET v1/accounts/{accountId}
bank, card associatedProviderAccountId
GET v1/providers/{providerId} All containers isProviderOwned

New enumeration values to the existing field

API Service Name

Field Name


New Values

GET v1/accounts

GET v1/accounts/{accountId}



1.    FSA


3.   IRA



investment(SN 1.0)


GET v1/accounts

GET v1/accounts/{accountId}








5.    ULIP


7.   OTHER

New API Services

API Description
GET v1/dataExtracts/events  The get extracts events service is used to learn about occurrences of data extract related events.
 GET v1/dataExtracts/userData  The get user data service is used to get a user's modified data for a particular period of time for accounts, transactions, holdings, and provider account information.
GET v1/holdings/securities 

The get securities service is used to retrieve the additional security information for holdings