September 30, 2019

September Release Notes 2019

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Data Access and FastLink – New Features/Enhancements 

Open Banking Updates

Open Banking (OB) is a new regulatory framework in the EU and the UK that requires banks to provide APIs allowing bank customers to share their data with third-party financial services. The consents and institutions services are solely for OB, and are only available in the UK.

Miscellaneous Changes in FastLink

  • Challenge Deposit Verification (CDV) enhancement: To start CDV when the user has not selected a provider, FastLink issues this prompt: To manually verify an account, enter your account details. The process takes 2-4 days to complete.
    This message replaces the existing message asking only for the account number: To manually verify this account, enter your account number. The process takes 2-4 days to complete.
  • Terms and Conditions changes: Terms and Conditions (T&C) on the login screen were displayed only once; now it is made to honor a key that allows to always display T&C.

Matching Service FastLink 3.0 Screen Correction

  • Scenario 1: Matching service fails with the account holder name mismatch reason:
    • Current message:
      We could not verify any of your accounts. Contact if you have questions. You can link another account. 
    • New message:
      Your accounts couldn’t be verified. Link another account or use an alternate route for verification. Contact if you have questions.
  • Scenario 2: The user tries again to verify the same account (using the same set of credentials) that failed verification with the account holder name mismatch.
    • Current message:
      Technical Error: We're having issues connecting to Site. Please save your application and come back later to try again. 
    • New message:
      The account holder name doesn’t match the account. You cannot reuse credentials. Link another account or contact for further assistance.