August 31, 2020

Supplementary Release Notes - August 2020

Envestnet | Yodlee

Envestnet | Yodlee is announcing a Beta release of our FastLink application - FastLink 4.0!

The improvements made to the app include:

  • Improved error messaging to provide the user with clear next steps, increasing success rates.
  • Updated, modern user interface with a new design for the unified Aggregation and IAV flow.
  • New powerful, self-service styling tool providing you with more control over your end-users’ experience and decreasing implementation costs.

The 4.0 Beta product will be available to new customers in August 2020, and available to current customers to upgrade within a few weeks after the initial beta release.

Financial Wellness – New Feature

Personalized Financial Views with Peer Benchmarking

Envestnet l Yodlee Views APIs enable end users/consumers to create personalized views of their finances for any expenses, hobbies, etc. A views is a logical collection of transactions, grouped together by certain rules.

What's New?

  • Create a View
  • Read a View
  • Update a View
  • Delete a View
  • Get the transactions associated with a View
  • Get the Peer Benchmarking data associated with a View


Financial Insights with Peer Benchmarking

Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Insights APIs provide personalized and actionable insights to end users/consumers.

What's New?

  • Specify preferences at the insight-level for a customer
  • For the insights subscribed by the customer, specify preferences at the insight level for a consumer
  • Fetch all the insights generated for a specific customer
  • In this release 29 new financial insights will be available