September 30, 2019

Supplementary Release Notes - Open Banking September 2019

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Data Access and FastLink – New Features/Enhancements 

Open Banking Updates

  • Single site selection in the Open Banking interface: The previous FastLink version supported the dual-site interface, i.e., the user is required to add two sites – one for aggregating account data using screen scraping and the other for Open Banking. With the single site selection interface, the user will only select one site and go through both account additions in a single go.
  • User experience enhancement: Minor improvements have been made in the single site selection interface, such as updating the terms in the UI to make it locale-specific, i.e., using Sync for the UK customers and Link for the US customers.   
  • Enhancements to consent dashboard: Consent dashboard is split into multiple screens to help users handle multiple accounts. Manage accounts is introduced in consent dashboard to allow users to add or delete accounts within the existing login.
  • New re-add account flow: The user can now decide whether to manage an account or add a new login while attempting the FastLink add account flow.
  • API changes: The new Institution concept and YAML changes are now part of the API-related documentation for Open Banking.