Yodlee FastLink Product Guide


Yodlee has introduced new features and updated the IAV API documentation. New version of Yodlee Fastlink called Fastlink 2.0 is available here

Yodlee FastLink provides a successful add account experience for consumers by capturing the entire set of credentials required to access their accounts, including username, password, and authentication mechanisms such as answers to questions and tokens.

The add account experience offered by Yodlee FastLink provides consumers:

  • A way to search and browse for sites
  • Help messages to guide the consumer during the capture of credentials
  • Positive reinforcement upon task completion
  • Continuous updates to capture any changes in authentication requirements at end site.

Benefits of Using Yodlee FastLink

The following are advantages of using Yodlee FastLink:

  • Saves development effort or time to integrate with Yodlee APIs.
  • Provides a wizard to add, edit, and refresh an account which can be integrated to an application.
  • Handles the complex piece of MFA flow while adding/editing/refreshing an account.
  • Takes care of login authentication changes of the financial institutions.

Features of FastLink

  • Add Accounts 
  • Edit Accounts (not available on the developer Sandbox environment)
  • Refresh Accounts (on the developer Sandbox environment only available for non-MFA accounts that don’t have UAR errors)

Add Account

For adding an account, Yodlee FastLink takes the consumer through the following steps. 

  • Search for a site
  • Locate a site
  • Provide account credentials
  • Add account process status
  • Add account success page

Search for a Site

The Add Accounts page is the landing page of Yodlee FastLink and is where consumers can view a list of previously added sites and locate sites they would like to add.


Free Form Text Search: A consumer can find a site by entering the name of a financial institution in the search text box. The consumer can type a name, keyword.
Favicon of Financial Institution: A favicon appears next to each of the individual site display names listed. 
Site Base URL: A site’s base URL is displayed as a tool tip when the consumer hovers over the site display name. Example: www.iqbank.com
Added Accounts : Located on the right side of the page consumers can see accounts either in the process of being added or that are already added. A status indicator appears next to accounts that are in the process of being added. Accounts appear in descending order of most recently added (most recently added on top). Mousing over an account listing displays the account number in masked format (for example, xxxx567).
The Added Accounts list is empty prior to any accounts being added and populates as the consumer adds accounts. 
Popular Accounts: By default, a static list of financial institutions listed in decreasing order of popularity (most popular on top). Popularity of a site is determined by the number of consumers who have added it. The greater the number of sites added, the higher the popularity of the site. Yodlee does not support the ability to customize popular accounts for any YI customer.  
Suggested Accounts: Suggested sites are based on an analysis of a consumer’s transactions. By default, a static list of financial institutions are listed in this section.  Suggested accounts cannot be customized for YI customers. 

Locate a Site

Entering search criteria and clicking Search next to the search field brings up search results in one or both of the following areas of the Add Accounts page.
  • Common Accounts – Contains the top N most common sites corresponding to consumer input. Customers can configure the maximum number of most common sites displayed.
  • Matching Results – Consumers see the remaining sites. Note that if the search returned only one or two results, they will appear under Common Accounts and none will be displayed in Matching Results.


Providing Account Credentials

Consumers need to enter the same online credentials they use to log in to their accounts.
Verification Progress Page
The progress page shows the customer logo in place of Yodlee MoneyCenter logo. Please note that the  logo should be provided through the Yodlee CustomerCare tool for it to appear on progress page. 
Error Message Screen: In the event of an error in the add account process an appropriate message appears to help consumers solve the problem and complete the add account process successfully.
MFA Challenge information: If a site requires additional security information, a message appears letting the consumer know that additional (challenge) information is being retrieved
When Yodlee receives the challenge information a page appears with MFA (multifactor authentication) fields for the consumer to fill out.  For different types of MFA, refer to the MFA Overview
After all security information is entered correctly, a status page appears letting the consumer know that their data is being gathered

Success Page

Scenario 1:  When all accounts associated with the login credentials are successfully added.  

Scenario 2:  Process of gathering details are complete for some accounts and one or more are in progress


Scenario 3: Process of gathering accounts details is complete and one or more of the accounts was not added successfully.


Edit Account

Edit account flow in Yodlee FastLink allows consumers to update login credentials for sites they’ve added. Consumers use the Edit Account functionality when account access credentials (user name, password, and multifactor authentication (MFA) questions) have changed at the site.

Edit Account Credentials

Landing screen of the edit account looks as mentioned below.  Once the consumer enters new credentials, the remainder of the flow looks similar to what was described above in the Add Account flow. 
Show Credentials: For security reasons, this link is not available to YI customers. 

Success Page

After an account is successfully updated the following success message is shown to the consumer.


Refresh Account

Yodlee FastLink provides an ability to refresh an account to get the latest account balance and transaction information. Consumers can trigger these instant refresh when they have logged in to the application. Refresh flow can be used for both MFA and non-MFA accounts

Refresh a MFA Account

For MFA accounts the consumer will have to enter the security questions and answers, CAPTCHA, and tokens to refresh the account. Once the refresh process is initiated Yodlee retrieves the additional security information page of the account.