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Financial Data is Creative Fuel

Categorize transactions, reduce fraud, drive activation, enable new FinApps, and grow your user base. Create with the most robust financial data available.

FinDat noun |'fin-dät|
: the modern financial application category that redefines money as the new data for reimagining commerce.
• the more robust, innovative use of financial data.
archaic: Personal Financial Management (PFM)

FinApp noun |'fin-ap|
: any financial applications leveraging the power of the Yodlee Platform. As in ACE FinApps  and Indy FinApps 


Access in-depth YI API documentation to help you build a FinApp.
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Get sample code in a variety of languages. Customize, design, and learn.
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Quick answers for common questions.
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The most recent questions answered at Stack Overflow and additional tech support.
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Test Drive

Test Drive our Yodlee Interactive API.
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