Getting Started Guide for Progressive Refresh


The steps that follow will help you get started with the Yodlee REST interface for Aggregation with progressive refresh. 


Step 1: Authenticate the cobrand

Call the coblogin API to authenticate the cobrand.


Note: First, get your cobrand credentials from your developer portal registration that provided you the cobrandLogin  and cobrandPassword. You must be a registered user to receive these credentials. 

Step 2: Register a consumer to the Yodlee repository

Call the register3 API to register a new consumer in the Yodlee platform. This API returns userSessionToken and also logs the consumer in to the application.


Note: If you are in evaluation mode, register3 will not be available for you to call. You can find five evaluation users autogenerated for you in the dev portal. 


Step 2: Login a consumer who is already registered​

Call the login to login a consumer in to the Yodlee platform​ and get the userSessionToken.​ 


Note: The userSessionToken is the sessionToken present under the conversationCredentials object.​

Step 3: Search for the required site

Call the searchSite API to search for the required site. This call returns the list of SiteInfo based on the search string input to the call. 


Step 4: Display the login form

Call the getSiteLoginForm  API to display the login form after the site is selected. This call lets the consumers enter their credentials into the login form for the site they are trying to add.


Step 5: Add the site

Call the addSiteAccount1 API to add the site after obtaining the consumer’s credentials. After adding the site, this call will trigger a refresh to aggregate the accounts that the consumer has at the site.


Step 6: Get the MFA response, if the site added is of type MFA

For more information about MFA, refer to the MFA Overview page.

Step 7: Get the refresh status

Call the getSiteRefreshInfo API to get the refresh status. 

Step 8: Retrieve the data from the Yodlee database