FastLink 2.0 (Aggregation) - Integration Guide


Yodlee FastLink is an application that lets consumers add accounts by searching for the website of a financial institution and entering the login credentials for the account(s) held there. Consumers can add savings, checking, investment, credit card, insurance account types and many more.

Benefits of using Yodlee FastLink:

  • Allows consumers to edit the login credentials for their online accounts using the edit site credentials flow.
  • Can be integrated with Web pages hosted by a customer's application server external to the Yodlee application.
  • Can be launched by Consumers through a link provided in the customer’s application.

Integrating with Yodlee FastLink

Step 1: Cobrand Login

In the cobrand login step, the customer application authenticates with Yodlee Server. The cobrand login REST API accepts the cobrand credentials; once authenticated a cobSessionToken is created and returned in API response.

Refer to Integration Guide and Cobrand Login API Reference for more details

Cobrand Login API returns cobSession Token which is needed for all subsequent API calls (passed through Authorization Header)

Sample Response
 cobrandId : 10010352,
 applicationId :  3A4CAE9B71A1CCD7FF41F51006E9ED00 ,
 locale :  en_US ,
 session : {
 cobSession :

Step 2: User Login

The User Login API enables the consumer (end-user) to log in to the application. Once the consumer has logged in, userSessionToken is returned in API response.

Refer to Integration Guide and User Login API Reference for more details

Sample response

 user : {
 id : 10060702,
 loginName :  user_login_name ,
 name : {
 first :  John ,
 last :  Doe
 session : {
 userSession :
 preferences : {
 currency :  USD ,
 timeZone :  PST ,
 dateFormat :  MM/dd/yyyy

Step 3: Get FastLink Token

Obtain FastLink application token using the /accessTokens API. This token is used to authenticate the consumer's access to the FastLink FinApp.

Refer to Integration Guide and Access Tokens API Reference for more details






FinApp ID to be authenticated through the node.

10003600 - for Fastlink 2.0 Aggregation

Example of (GET) Request

URL format: https:///ysl/
Sample response


Step 4: Launch FastLink

Final step is to launch FastLink application by making POST request to Yodlee FastLink application server (different than API server).

FastLink Server URLs

Entry point URL format:https:///authenticate//?

FastLink URL for Developer Portal Sandbox Environment:

Parameter Name Description Mandatory Value
rsession The sessionToken of UserContext in the user login response Yes The value is dynamic and obtained from user login response.
token The value is the one retrieved by the token call Yes The value is and obtained from token API call.
app The unique identifier (FinApp ID) for the specific FinApp. Yes

Id of Yodlee FinApp
10003600 - for FastLink Aggregation

redirectReq Required to redirect the caller to the FinApp URL generated as part of authentication call. Yes True
extraParams The extra parameters to be passed in a name value pair with a query string format. No When the value is not passed this call will deep-link to the landing page screen of the FinApp.
Features of Yodlee FastLink

Yodlee FastLink allows deep integration with various user flows. Using extraParams input parameter various FastLink flows can be launched directly

(note: Invoking different FastLink 2.0 flows based on below feature parameters is applicable only for Aggregation)


extraParams with Sample Values

Landing Page


Landing Page with Search Results


Login Page



siteId corresponds to providerID in /providers API


Edit Flow



siteAccountId corresponds to providerAccountID in /providerAccount API


Refresh flow



siteAccountId corresponds to providerAccountID in /providerAccount API


Using Callback URLs

Yodlee FastLink allows transfer of control to customer application when UI flow of linking account (or verify) is completed by user. Customers can set a callback URL while launching FastLink, this URL will be called at the end of flow (or user exit). Yodlee passes the status of operations done by the consumer in a query string of the callback URL. Refer FastLink Callback Parameters for Aggregation.

For callback URL example of extraParams can be used where extra parameters is to be passed in a name value pair in string query format. Following is an example of callback URL .

Example of (POST) Request using HTML Form

Retrieving Accounts Added through Yodlee FastLink


Invoke /accounts API to get list of accounts linked by user.

FastLink Customization

Yodlee FastLink application can be customized to certain extent to match look and feel of your application. Yodlee will be providing customization tool that allows you to make these changes.


  • Ensure you are using correct URLs for API Server and FastLink App Server. URLs for Developer Portal Sandbox, Stage and Production environment are different. Authentication credentials are specific to environment and will not work across different environments.
  • Ensure the tokens obtained are active and not expired. The generated tokens are valid for specific session only.
  • Please reach out to Yodlee Support (or Solution Engineer) in case you are still facing issue integrating with FastLink