What are refresh codes?

Yodlee assigns a status to each refresh. If the refresh is successful, the code is 0. If the refresh fails due to invalid or incorrect credentials, the code is 402. These codes are returned to the API client so that the user can be informed of the refresh status. There are times the site may be down for maintenance. Yodlee will assign a unique code for such cases as well.

NOTE: Yodlee has a comprehensive error description document for reference.

At what intervals can an item be refreshed?

15 minutes - however the refresh must be user initiated. This cannot be automated every 15 minutes as an unattended refresh.

Can I refresh an item account?

No, item accounts cannot be refreshed. You can, however, refresh an item. When an item is refreshed, the item accounts below that item will also be refreshed and the date will be updated for each one.

How do I check the status of Yodlee's nightly refresh of an item before initiating a refresh for that item?

After retrieving the ItemSummary of an item using the DataService API, you can get the refresh status from the ItemSummary.

ItemSummary.getRefreshInfo().getStatusCode() will give the current status code of the item without initiating a refresh.

What should I do when I get an error when I try to initiate a refresh in 402 state?

Did you receive the following error?

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: The refresh on this item is not permitted.

402 errors indicate that the credentials provided for the account are invalid. In such cases, a user action is required to correct the credentials for the account. You can refresh the account only after invoking the ItemMangement.updateCredentialsForItem1 and updating the item's credentials.

Where can I find the list of refresh errors?

You can find the list of all error codes including refress errors in the Error Codes article.

How can I prepare for MFARefreshInfo before calling RefreshItem when I’m building a Web application?

MFARefreshInfo can’t be prepared before invoking RefreshItem because you have no way of knowing the MFA questions that will be asked by the site. MFARefreshInfo should only be prepared after RefreshItem (the same way it is implemented in sample apps). You need to implement a similar logic in your Web application. Log in to Yodlee MoneyCenter and check the flow of adding an MFA Content Service so you can implement a flow similar in your Web application. For MFA sites you need to stop the flow and take the input from the user.

What are Yodlee cache refresh scheduling policies and frequencies?

Please refer to Yodlee's Refresh Policy here.