How does Yodlee transaction categorization work?

By default, Yodlee auto-categorizes all transactions gathered from a financial institution by reading the transaction description field. The transaction description is matched with predefined keywords to determine which category the transaction falls under. The set of keywords is updated regularly.

Does Yodlee categorize transactions when gathering them from the site?

Yes. Transactions are categorized based on the system's experience and user input. Transaction descriptions are used to match the keyword for categorization. If a matching category is not found, the transaction is set to uncategorized.

How many days of transaction data does Yodlee gather for newly added accounts?

Yodlee generally gathers 90 days of transactions for most sites. There are some exceptions.

Is there any limit to the number of transaction subcategories that can be added under a parent category?

Yes, the maximum number of subcategories that can be added is five.

Can I use the Yodlee API to categorize a transaction?

Yes, use the categorizeTransactions API.

Can I assign a transaction to a manually created subcategory under a parent category?


How can I use the TransactionSearchService pagination logic?

To use the TransactionSearchService pagination feature, the transactionSearchService.executeUserSearchRequest() API needs to be run with a start and end range of 0 to 10.

The executeUserSearchRequest API allows a user to initiate a transaction search. It remembers the search result in a cache using a unique identifier that will be returned as part of the transaction result object TransactionSearchExecInfo.

A successful execution of this API will also return the first page result. To navigate further, users have to call the getUserTransactions API with the unique identifier returned on the call to executeUserSearchRequest.

When the clearUserTransactions API is called with the valid unique identifier, it clears the transaction from cache. Any further usage of this identifier will throw an InvalidSearchIdentifierException.