Access to Financial Data

Our Aggregation product allows 3rd party developers user-permissioned and secure access to their users’ financial accounts, including checking, savings, investments, loans, and rewards accounts.

url: /ysl/accounts
methodType: GET
  Authorization: {cobSession=<cob_session_token>,userSession=<userToken>}
  Api-version: 1.1
  Cobrand-Name: <customerName>
    "account": [
            "CONTAINER": "bank",
            "isManual": false,
            "isAsset": true,
            "lastUpdated": "2017-09-21T06:08:29Z",
            "currentBalance": {
                "amount": 20000,
                "currency": "USD"
            "availableBalance": {
                "amount": 20000,
                "currency": "USD"
            "displayedName": "Timothy",
            "id": 2251053,
            "balance": {
                "amount": 20000,
                "currency": "USD"
            "accountName": "Savings Account",
            "accountNumber": "xxxx8823",
            "aggregationSource": "USER",
            "dataset": [
                    "lastUpdateAttempt": "2017-09-21T06:08:51Z",
                    "updateEligibility": "ALLOW_UPDATE",
                    "name": "BASIC_AGG_DATA",
                    "lastUpdated": "2017-09-21T06:08:51Z",
                    "additionalStatus": "AVAILABLE_DATA_RETRIEVED"
            "providerName": "Wells Fargo",
            "accountStatus": "ACTIVE",
            "accountType": "SAVINGS",
            "providerId": "5",
            "includeInNetWorth": true,
            "createdDate": "2017-09-21T06:08:26Z",
            "providerAccountId": 2204099


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Data Enrichment

The Yodlee Platform employs a 15 step process to clean, normalize, secure, store, and enrich your data so that it’s reliable and actionable.

Full year's worth of data - Yodlee API typically provides at least one year of data.

Enriched Transaction Data - Merchant recognition, address and geo-location information, included with transaction data.

Transaction Categorization - Accurate algorithms to categorize transactions using an expansive list of categories.

PDFs - Ability to return PDF’s across various categories

Simple Integration

3-Steps to Integrate

  • Register (or log in)

    Enroll new user with Yodlee or obtain token for existing user

  • Add a user’s financial account(s)

    Yodlee FastLink, an easy to use add account wizard, seamlessly handles the end to end user experience for adding accounts. You can build your own flow but we recommend using Yodlee FastLink to save time and energy.

  • API access to accounts and transaction data

    Our RESTful API will help you access data in minutes.

Header :
Authorization : {cobSession=<cobrandToken>}
Api-Version : 1.1
Cobrand-Name : <customerName>

	"user": {
		"loginName": "testUser",
		"password": "TEST@123",
		"locale": "en_US"

	"user": {
		"id": 37440620,
		"loginName": "testUser",
		"name": {
			"first": "FIRSTNAME",
			"last": "LASTNAME"
		"roleType": "INDIVIDUAL",
		"session": {
			"userSession": "09142017_0:f982df6df793264fc1328d074c1d93e6465160c74eb99a8a18b5e184e24c6f4a7a29f329c81d49abe01c47815168fa94936db9b41afe085ce5f284a6add82bd3"
		"preferences": {
			"currency": "USD",
			"timeZone": "PST",
			"dateFormat": "MM/dd/yyyy"

Yodlee FastLink

Yodlee FastLink is a responsive and flexible developer tool that allows your users to add accounts quickly and easily.

  • Fully Customizable - Control the look and feel of FastLink
  • Secure - User passwords never touch your servers
  • Time Saving - FastLink handles multifactor authentication for you
  • Simplicity - Abstract away the difficulties of managing website changes

Yodlee provides us access to an incredible breadth of financial institutions. Our mission is to help as many Americans as possible to see their complete financial data. Besides Yodlee, there’s really no other company that has such a high level of reach within the financial industry.

– Fritz Robbins, CTO, Personal Capital

Get started with Yodlee Account Aggregation

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