Consumer and financial institutions alike are benefiting from the increasing interest in personal financial wellness aimed at helping consumers improve their financial health and reach their goals.

Developed by leading experts in financial data intelligence, the Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform enables financial institutions and fintech innovators to leverage transaction–level data to better understand consumers’ financial behaviors, preferences, and profiles in order to deliver personalized guidance and solutions. Merchant, geographic and other metadata augmentation through proprietary machine learning provides further data enrichment to help you build more compelling personal financial management experiences.

Build to Disrupt

Financial Wellness

Create apps that make it easier for consumers to save money, track and reach goals, and improve their financial lives.

Credit Card Solutions

Empower consumers with tools that surface their ongoing subscription auto payments to help them avoid unsolicited or accidental surcharges, or identify and cancel subscriptions that are no longer necessary.

Bill Presentment

Assist users in paying their bills on time by automatically tracking bill statements and alerting when bills are due.

Money Monitoring Tools

Help consumers monitor their spending on their credit cards and better manage their interest payments and debt pay down.

Personalized Advice

Enable users to save and spend money wisely by building intelligent, user-friendly solutions like chatbots and other forms of financial guidance that are informed by user-permissioned financial data.

We partnered with Envestnet | Yodlee because they are the only platform that allows us to securely access over 15,500 data sources – including student loans, checking and savings accounts, investments, and 401(k) plans. No other data aggregation provider offers the breadth and depth of data we need to provide users a 360-degree view of their finances.

Keith Armstrong,
Co-founder, Abe AI

Why Envestnet | Yodlee

Streamlined Customer Onboarding

The complexity of supporting numerous bank authentication models and getting customers on-boarded easily and quickly can be overwhelming. Envestnet | Yodlee Fastlink provides a simple and effective way to onboard, permission, and authenticate your users and their accounts across thousands of financial institutions, minimize customer abandonment, and maximize market traction. Developers can also customize FastLink for an integrated look and feel.

Industry Leading Depth and Breadth of Data

Envestnet | Yodlee provides comprehensive financial data across retail banking, credit, and wealth management, made possible through the massive scale of our data acquisition platform and extensive expertise in data cleansing and enrichment. With over 15,500 global data sources, hundreds of account types (including 401k holdings and investment options), and incredible richness of data, we help you build a holistic financial picture of your users and maximize the scope and number of clients that you can serve.

Transactional Data Enrichment

Envestnet | Yodlee Transaction Data Enrichment translates raw transaction data into clear, easy-to-read information. Consumers not only see a clear merchant name, date, and amount, they also get additional context—including a simple description of the transaction, transaction category, and geo-location. The clarified data can be used to understand a customer’s spending and saving habits, payment preferences, share of wallet spending, and even what financial services are best suited for that specific customer.

Consumption Based Billing

Easily grow your user base and business with Envestnet | Yodlee, without a heavy upfront financial commitment. A flexible, consumption-based billing model enables you to track and pay only for what you use so you can keep expenses in line with growth. Contact our sales teams for custom pricing for high volume API calls.