Income and Expense APIs

Restricted APIs are currently available on a limited basis. Stay tuned! Future releases will be made available for the wider developer community

Yodlee’s Expense and Income APIs return aggregated debit and credit transaction data grouped by either merchants or categories for a given time duration. The API response includes summary data such as total, maximum, minimum, average, etc., for each category/merchant along with transaction-level details (optional).

Using the Expense and Income APIs, application developers can build solutions that answer user questions such as "how much did I spend on Amazon last month?" or "have I spent more than $XYZ at Starbucks in the last 3 months?"

The utilizedCategories and utilizedMerchant task APIs retrieve the list of categories and merchants, respectively, which are applied to a user’s aggregated transactions. These values can be used in the Expense and Income APIs to get results for a specific category or merchant.