Test Account Generator

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Simulate accounts for development and integration testing. Live accounts are the most effective way for testing or demonstrating all the permutations of account types that are supported by Yodlee. Live accounts are also useful for debugging refresh and auto-login behaviors. However, it is not always possible to find enough live accounts. In such cases, the Yodlee Dummy Account Generator (DAG) is used to create fictitious test accounts.

Yodlee DAG is a Web application, and the web GUI interface is used to create and manage fictional accounts. Dummy account information is stored in XML files. The GUI can be used to upload and download XML files as well as view account-specific information such as login credentials.


Term Meaning
Catalog A catalog is a collection of dummy accounts with a unique name. Once a catalog is created, you have access to different types of accounts.
Site Equivalent to an actual Financial Institution with multiple account types like bank, credit, loan, etc., under the same login credentials
Container Equivalent to an actual Financial Institution with only one account type associated with login credentials, for example, Bank only, Credit Card only.
FMPA FMPA - Full MFA prompt All. The sites that implemented MFA and prompts MFA for all consumers during login is known as FMPA (Full MFA Prompt All).
PMPA PMPA - Partial MFA Prompt All. The site that prompts all consumers for the MFA information but expects only selected consumers to provide the MFA information, for example, Bendigo Bank. It is up to the MFA users to give the information or leave the field blank.
PMPS (Partial MFA Prompt Selective) - The site prompts the MFA information only to the MFA enrolled consumers, for example, Charles Schwab.

Yodlee DAG Supported Sites

Site-based DAG

Below is the list of DAG sites used to add accounts for more than one account type. Different account types supported under each site is displayed when you create a new catalog.

DAG Site Name DAG Site ID Routing Number
(Applicable for Bank accounts only)
DAG Site 16441 999988181
DAG Site Multilevel 16442 999761191
DAG Site Captcha 18769 999999992
DAG Site TokenFMPA 16445 999999921
DAG Site TokenPMPA 16446 Not applicable
DAG Site TokenPMPS 16447 Not applicable
DAG Site MFA&NonMFA 16477 999678831
DAG Site SecurityQA 16486 999991181
DAG Site - no account summary 16487 999998281

Creating a New Site-based Catalog

The site-based catalog is used to create Yodlee DAG accounts that will be used for adding accounts at the site level. The site-based catalog will be used to log in to the site and add all accounts belonging to all containers under that particular site.

Step 1: Open a new browser window and type the URL https://dag2.yodlee.com/dag/index.do in the address bar. The Login page is displayed as shown below.

Step 2: Click the Create New Catalog link. The New Catalog page is displayed as shown below. Select Catalog Type as "Site Based" and click "submit".

Field Description
Catalog A catalog name can contain between 4-20 alphanumeric characters.
Password A password can contain between 4-20 alphanumeric characters.

Step 3: Once you successfully created the catalog, you will see a list of accounts along with its login credentials under (Username and Password) which you can use.

Using Yodlee DAG to Test Error Codes

You can test the error messages in your application using Yodlee DAG to return error codes to applications. Error codes are triggered by setting a user name of error_XXX. The XXX field is used to indicate the error code. For example, if a consumer tries to add a bank with the user name ''error_412” and password “bank1'' then you will get an error page with the error code 412.

There are exceptions and the codes in the table are not currently supported and they all throw an error code of 402 instead of a unique one.

User Name Error Code   User Name Error Code
error_400 402   error_405 402
error_401 402   error_408 402
error_404 402   error_410 402
error_508 402   error_525 402
error_801 402   error_802 402

Note: Yodlee DAG does not support real estate account-related error codes - 510 and 511.

A snapshot showing an error message is as follows:

Disclaimer About Using Yodlee DAG Accounts

  1. Yodlee DAG is a simulation tool that Yodlee offers as a testing aid to support our customers. The site is a Yodlee hosted site.
    • Any Yodlee DAG account's performance issues and DAG site issues are completely unique and do not in any way reflect on our real production site's behavior.
    • There are no SLAs for Yodlee DAG. We support this testing aid on a best effort basis.
  2. Yodlee DAG can be used to simulate a good selection of scenarios but does not offer the nuances and variety of actual accounts.
    • We highly recommend that Yodlee DAG is only used for development and integration testing and that actual accounts are procured and used for User Acceptance Testing.