Open Banking (US)


The Yodlee platform supports integration with U.S. financial institutions that provide data via Oauth authentication and subsequent API data calls. Yodlee’s Fastlink application manages all aspects of open banking connections, including redirection of the user to authorize and consent to data sharing, migration of account data as required, and support of both open banking-enabled sites and legacy credential-based sites in the same user experience.


Users are able to search for their financial institution site, using the full or partial name. If the site supports an open banking connection, the user is informed that they will go through a consent flow.


Users are able to enter the credentials needed to access their account(s) online. This includes userid and password. Users can also provide responses for multi-factor authentication, such as security questions and tokens.


When the user allows access to account details to the requesting application, the consent is stored by the financial institution. The user is later able to update or revoke consent on the financial institution's site.

How It Works

Add Flow

Search for/select financial institution (FI)

User searches for their financial institution by name or selects by tile.

User Disclosure

User is informed that they will be redirected to permission sharing.

Redirect to FI Authentication

User is redirected to FI site and signs in with their credentials/MFA.

Return and confirm data

User is returned to the application and
the account data is linked.

Re-Add Flow

Search for/select financial
institution (FI)

User searches for their financial institution by name or selects by tile.

Migration call to action

User’s previously added accounts are
shown with a prompt to update them.


The User Disclosure, Redirection Consent/Authorization and Confirmation screens from the Add flow will follow the Account Display screen above.

Consider Using FastLink

We strongly recommend using the FastLink GUI component to process OB consent for end users. Consumers search for and select their financial institution site in FastLink.
From there FastLink handles all variations of provider linking methods, as well as migration scenarios, in one seamless experience.

Join the Ecosystem

Open banking in the U.S. is an evolving ecosystem comprised of providers, aggregators such as Envestnet Yodlee, and client application providers that make use of the data. In order to participate in the ecosystem, members must agree to meet certain standards of security and data governance.
Click here to apply for access to Yodlee’s open banking ecosystem.

Try Out the Flow

You can simulate the steps in the U.S. open banking flow using Yodlee’s Dummy Account Generator (DAG) site. Or, for live sites, check out Yodlee Money.