Consumer Payments

Envestnet | Yodlee offers diverse, secure and timely options to enable customers to rapidly verify accounts used for payments and reduce abandonment during consumer/end-user enrollment workflows.

  • Streamline the process for consumers and business to pay their friends, bills, and other businesses while reducing the costs usually associated with digital payments set up and processing.

  • Enable end-users to quickly and easily setup one-time or recurring payments using their banking credentials.

  • Confirm consumer/end-user account balances and account access to ensure transaction success.


Deliver on NACHA Compliance

Take the necessary steps to become compliant with the new NACHA regulations. Payment originators utilize Envestnet | Yodlee solutions to validate consumer bank accounts and meet industry-leading standards.

As a NACHA preferred partner, Envestnet | Yodlee has helped customers reduce their digital fraud losses by up to 90% with Account Verification; which can be used to verify account ownership and real-time balances.


Fraud Prevention

Payment fraud has accelerated by 18% since 2013. Envestnet | Yodlee solutions enable customers to electronically identify and eliminate fraud, ensure customer safety and reduce revenue impact due to payment fraud.

  • Account Verification not only verifies accounts but enables customers to review enriched historical transactions for fraudulent activities.

  • Balance Refresh¬†provides real-time data to help identify fraudulent behaviors when there are low/negative historical balances, insufficient fund fees, bounced check fees and more...


Avoid NSF and Overdraft Charges

Envestnet | Yodlee enables customers to aid their end-users by reducing NSF charges (non-sufficient funds) and overdraft fees with instantaneous real-time balance insights.

Before a payment or transfer is made, Balance Confirmation can be leveraged to electronically access account balance in real-time thus reducing headaches due to errors and eliminating payment failures for an improved digital experience.

Learning Paths

Learn how to quickstart by our quick tutorial videos, Quickstart guide or both!

Watch How We Do It

Viewing these videos will help prepare you to start building your FinTech application.

The Yodlee Platform

An introduction into the Envestnet | Yodlee ecosystem including FinTechs, Financial Institutions and consumers as well as the ways in which they interact.

Verification starts here

Dive-in to specifics of using our Verification APIs. Learn how to link an end user account with providers and prepare you to start your application.

Start Your Coding Journey

Follow along in the Quickstart guide which provides several step-by-step modules to quickly introduce developers to the necessary parameters, api calls, sample code, FastLink integration, data structures and account simulator techniques which are foundational to begin building your FinTech application.