Recent enhancements to FastLink 4 have made additional configuration capabilities available to you.  Please Note:  These changes are only available for FastLink 4 Users (i.e. you must upgrade to FastLink 4 to receive these updates).  These changes include:

  • The ability to configure which site regions to include in the FastLink search results.  
  • The ability to set mandatory verification criteria.

1.  How to configure which site regions to include in the FastLink search results:

1.    Edit your live configuration template from the Live Configuration tab of the developer dashboard
2.    Click the “Set Preferences” button
3.    Under the Search Criteria section, view the region options under the “Sites located in” section
4.    Select or de-select whichever regions you would like to show up in FastLink search results
          a.    Note: You can create multiple FastLink templates and have unique site regions show up for each template. For example, you can easily leverage one configname to serve your U.S. users and another for your Canadian users, showing only sites from each respective region. 
5.    Save your configuration template, then publish to your Development and Production environments. 

2.  How to set mandatory verification criteria:

For verification-based solutions, one or more of the following data attributes will be mandatory:
              •    Full account number
              •    Account holder name 
              •    Routing number 

As the next successful workflow cannot be implemented without one or more data attributes being available, we have offered the following features to better the integration experience.  Note: You must receive YSO approval to be enabled for the Holder Name and Full Account Number attributes.

1.    For verification based configurations, you have the flexibility to configure the mandatory data attributes in the live configuration tool based on your needs
              a.    Click the “Set Preferences” button in the configuration tool and view the “Verification Criteria” section
2.    A new API service GET /verifiedAccounts that respects the customized configurations is now available. This API offers simple and efficient way to learn the data availability for a verification request and to fetch the verified accounts data. To learn more about this API service, visit here.

We hope that you take advantage of these additional configuration settings. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at