January 31, 2021

January Release Notes 2021

Envestnet | Yodlee

Yodlee APIs – New Features/Enhancements

Response Charset Changed for Yodlee API v1.1 Services

To support a wide range of special characters, the charset in the response of all Yodlee API v1.1 APIs has been changed from ISO-8859-1 to utf-8.

Existing Charset Changed Charset
application/json; charset=ISO-8859-1 application/json; charset=utf-8

Container Validation Removed from the Get Account Details API Service

The container query parameter is no longer required to be passed in the get account details Yodlee API v1.1 API. If a valid or invalid container query parameter value is passed, the API will ignore the value and return the response based on the valid accountId. Note that the container details will no longer have to be stored to get the account details of a user.

Impacted API URL:

GET  /accounts/{accountId}


New Attributes to Retrieve Default Category Information Values

In the get transaction category list Yodlee API v1.1 and v1.0 API, two new attributes – defaultCategoryName and defaultHighLevelCategoryName – have been added. These attributes will provide the original or default value initially assigned to the category and highLevelCategoryName attributes.

Impacted API URL:

GET  /transactions/categories


New Attributes Added to Yodlee API v1.1

In the get transactions, verify the account using transaction, and get user data Yodlee API v1.1, new attributes for investment transactions and an enriched attribute related to the merchant information have been added.

Impacted API URLs:

GET  /transactions




Following are the newly introduced attributes:

Attribute Description
description.security The attribute provides the name of the security associated to the transaction.
isin ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is used worldwide to identify specific securities.
sedol SEDOL (Stock Exchange Daily Official List) is a list of security identifiers used in the United Kingdom and Ireland for clearing purposes.
valoren An identification number that is assigned to financial instruments such as stocks and bonds trading in Switzerland.
merchantLogoURL The URL link of the merchant’s logo that is associated with the transaction.
Note: Applies only to the US region.

Introduction of Derived APR

In the get accounts and get user data Yodlee API v1.1, the new derivedApr attribute for credit card accounts has been added.

Impacted API URLs:

GET  /accounts




Localization of High Level Categories

The localized names of the high level categories in Spanish and French are supported in transaction API services.

Important Note

  • MFA Timeout Increased –
    The mfaTimeout for certain sites has been increased, as the one-time password (OTP) token takes time to reach the users’ email or cell phone. This increase in timeout period improves the success rate of account linking and refreshes. To take advantage of this increased timeout, use the mfaTimeout provided in the polling get provider account details API (URL: GET providerAccounts/{providerAccountId}) or the REFRESH webhooks. This note applies to customers who are not using FastLink and have implemented Yodlee APIs for the linking account experience. If the timeout is hardcoded, change the implementation to use the mfaTimeOut attribute.


Data Access and FastLink – New Features/Enhancements

Re-generate New OTP for MFA-OTP Providers

Enhancements have been done in the FastLink 3.0 application to provide consumers the ability to regenerate a new OTP. Consumers can click the SEND NEW CODE link to regenerate a new OTP, in case the previous OTP request did not succeed or for some reason the existing OTP is not accepted by the provider.

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Loan and Mortgage Containers Merger for US Open Banking Providers

After the January 2021 release, OB providers pertaining to the US region will not have access to the mortgage containers. The existing users’ mortgage accounts (if any) will be merged with the loan accounts or will be converted to loan account(s) as applicable. No new mortgage containers will be created for any US-based OB providers.
However, for the screen-scraping or the credential-based aggregation sites and for regions other than the US, the mortgage accounts will continue to remain as is.

Post Message Enhancement

When a specific number of requests – defined by the statutory security threshold – hit the site’s login screen, the following inline error message is displayed in the FastLink application: Maximum Thresholds for the day have reached. Please try after 24 hours.
Enhancements have been done to relay the same message through post message, whenever the threshold is reached for a user/provider across all locales/sites.
The sample post message for this context follows:

   "bankName":"Dag Site",
   "reason":"Maximum Thresholds for the day have reached. Please try after 24 hours.",


FastLink 2.0 Enhancements

In the FastLink 2.0 application, the re-add, update connection, consent form, and the interstitial screens have been introduced. All the Styles and Strings (texts) pertaining to the four screens can be customized in the FastLink 2.0 styling tool; no changes have been done in the Features section.


Account Verification – New Features/Enhancements

Money Market Support for Account Verification Matching Service

In FastLink 3.0 and Yodlee API v1.1, the account verification matching service capability has been extended to support the money market account type for bank accounts. The capability will be available by default to all account verification matching service customers on Yodlee API v1.1. Customers will have the ability to configure the account types that are displayed in the FastLink application. By default, checking and savings bank account types are displayed.