April 4, 2022

March 2022 Release Notes

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FastLink – New Features/Enhancements

Exclude Site Functionality

Customers now have the ability to restrict specific sites from populating in the FastLink search results. This list of sites can be uniquely configured for each FastLink 4 configuration name.

  • Access the Do not allow these sites feature in the Set Preferences section of the Configuration Tool.
  • Search and select specific sites that should NOT populate in the FastLink search results.
  • Once the configuration name is published, the site(s) will not appear within the FastLink experience.

Associate Mortgage Account(s) with a Real Estate Property

FastLink now gives the ability to associate real estate property values with previously linked mortgage accounts. The Associated Mortgage Account feature allows for a more accurate representation of net worth by including both the debt represented by mortgage account and the current estimated value of the real estate asset. This feature is only available if the real estate flow is enabled.

  • In addition, the ability to edit real estate and manual accounts from the View Details screen can now be turned OFF.
  • Note that the current real estate account summary screen UI will change to include divider lines as seen below. In addition, the default title of the account summary screen has been updated from View Real Estate Account to View Details when the Associated Mortgage Account feature is turned ON. This new title considers a scenario where both real estate and loan accounts are displayed.
  • The Associated Mortgage Account feature is OFF by default.
  • The title and descriptive fields are also editable, if needed.

Account Balance Customization

Customize the balance on the account summary screen to be either the current balance or available balance. These balance configurations are limited by the product offering (Aggregation vs. Verification), container type, and data availability. For example, if the available account balance is sometimes unavailable, the current balance will be displayed instead.

Aggregation flow customizations          Verification flow customizations

Back and Close Icon Customization

The following back and close button-related customizations have been introduced in the Configuration Tool:

  • Add descriptive text next to the Back and Close icons.
  • Customize the text color.
  • Upload your own back and close icons.

Account Verification – New Features/Enhancements

Associated Provider Account ID in Verified Accounts and Balance Refresh APIs

The Balance Refresh API v1.1 and the Verified Accounts API v 1.1 have been enhanced to include the associatedProviderAccountId attribute in the API response when it is available for an accountId that is de-duplicated.

API URLs:   

Open Banking – New Features/Enhancements

UK Open Banking

Changes in Handling 90-Day Consent

The UK Open Banking regulatory body had proposed regulation modifications that govern the consent renewal workflow. PSU (Payment Service User or end-user) must reauthenticate with their AISP (Account Information Service Provider) every 90 days to allow continued access to ASPSP (Account Servicing Payment Service Provider), which requires the PSU to reconfirm their consent with their AISP directly without redirection to the provider or the financial institution.

  • Current behavior: To renew the existing or expired consent, the user is redirected to the bank and authenticated via Open Banking to extend access for additional 90 days.
  • New behavior: The revised regulation allows the user to go through the consent renewal flow and extend access without redirection and re-authentication with the bank. There will not be any changes to the edit flow.

Use Cases:

  • The user’s consent has expired and 90 days have elapsed after the expiry. In this case, the user consent cannot be renewed internally. The user will be redirected to the bank for authentication, i.e., the same experience that exists today - Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • The user intends to redo or undo account selection. The user will be redirected to the bank and need re-authentication.
  • In other use cases, the user's consent will be renewed internally via the consent renewal flow that does not require the user to be redirected and re-authenticate with the bank (i.e., the simplified flow). The simplified process with fewer steps reduces the number of hits to the bank or financial institution site.


  • Applies only to all UK providers.
  • Platform control available on per-provider basis to accommodate the grace period for banks.
  • Applies to FastLink 3 and FastLink 4 single-site selection flows.

AU Open Banking

Once-Off Consent

AU Open Banking currently supports recurring consent that remains active for 12 months from the date of consent. Enhancements have been done to let AU Open Banking users give a once-off consent, i.e., a one-time consent with a validity of a maximum of 24 hours for the verification use cases. After a once-off consent has expired, it will be kept archived, and the user can access it on the Manage Consent screen.

The account holder details and transaction history data points should be disabled for once-off consent. In the FastLink Configuration Tool, to enable once-of consent, ensure that the Expanded Account Holder Details checkbox is unchecked and the Transactions History drop-down is set to No transactions in the Return section of a Verification-only application configuration.

PAR Extend Consent

Per the current behavior, consent in AU Open Banking expires in 12 months from the date of consent without any provision for renewal or extension. The PAR extend consent enhancement has been done over and above the existing consent duration. After this enhancement, users can visit their active consents on the Manage Consent screen and extend them for another 12 months.

Suppose an existing consent is about to expire. In that case, 90 days before expiry, a message will be displayed on the Manage Consent and Active Consent screens, prompting the user to extend the existing consent for another 12 months.

Configurable elements including button label, colors, and strings on the Active Consent screen can be customised using the FastLink Configuration Tool.