October 31, 2020

October Release Notes 2020

Envestnet | Yodlee

Yodlee APIs – New Features/Enhancements

SmartZip Address Validation

A new API has been introduced to validate the address before adding the real estate property account. This API will accept the address as the input, and if the address is valid, the API will return the complete formatted; else the API returns an invalid address. If there is more than one match to the address input provided by the user, this API will return the list of potential addresses that match the input. Display the addresses to the user and ask them to select the appropriate one.
Yodlee recommends calling this API before adding the real estate property account to avoid account-addition failures.

POST  /accounts/evaluateAddress


Sample Requests:

  "address": {
    "street": "1380 Utah St",
    "city": "San Francisco",
    "state": "CA",
    "zip": "94110"


Sample Response:

  "isValidAddress": true,
  "address": [
      "city": "SAN FRANCISCO",
      "state": "CA",
      "street": "1380 UTAH ST",
      "zip": "94110"


New Attribute in the Accounts Data Model

In the Yodlee API v1.1 accounts data model, new attributes have been added that return the source ID of an account (if applicable) for the held-account providers of a financial institution.

Impacted API URLs:

GET  /accounts


GET  /accounts/{accountId}


GET  /dataExtracts/userData


Support for Response Payload Encryption

All Yodlee API v1.1 have been enhanced to support response payload encryption. The response payload encryption feature can be accessed by passing the encryption key details in the respective API’s request header.
The following APIs are used for key management for response payload encryption:

POST  /configs/encryption/payloadKey


GET  /configs/encryption/payloadKey


DELETE  /configs/encryption/payloadKey/{keyId}


Request header name: payload-encryption-key
Yodlee recommends to use this feature only for the following APIs where an encrypted response is required:


GET  /accounts


GET  /accounts/{accountId}


GET  /providerAccounts/profile


Important Notes and Bug Fixes

  • Two typos in the transaction types that are returned in both the Get Transactions and the Get User Data APIs v1.0 and v1.1 have been rectified.
    The updated transaction types follow:
    Old Value New Value

    Impacted API URLs:

    GET  /transactions


    GET  /dataExtracts/userData


  • The charset in the Get Holdings API response has been changed to support a wide range of special characters.
    Existing Charset Changed Charset
    application /json; charset=ISO-8859-1 application /json; charset=utf-8

    Impacted API URLs:

    GET  /holdings

Suppressing Username Caching When Authentication Fails

To improve account addition success rate for FastLink 3.0, username caching will be suppressed in the Login Form screen in case of authentication failure (i.e., incorrect credentials). The user will have to type in the username. This change will not impact other flows or use cases.

Appending the Site Name to the Username Field

As part of the initiative to improve account addition success rate for FastLink 3.0, the site name will be included within the Username field in the Login Form screen. This change will help users validate if the correct site is selected from the many similar-looking sites. The help text is also enhanced to improve the user experience.

Account Verification – New Features/Enhancements

Distinguishing Account Numbers

In Yodlee API v1.1, the FULL_ACCT_NUMBER dataset attribute has been enhanced to ensure that the data returned has a clear distinction between the account number used for funds transfer (ACH) and the account identifier/number that is displayed to the users.

  • Dataset updates:
    In the ACCT_PROFILE.FULL_ACCT_NUMBER dataset attribute, new fields paymentAccountNumber and unmaskedAccountNumber are introduced.
  • Deprecated fullAccountNumber field:
    In the accounts endpoints, the fullAccountNumber field is deprecated and replaced with fullAccountNumberList entity. To get access to full account number, pass include=fullAccountNumberList instead of include=fullAccountNumber.
    Impacted API URLs:
    GET  /accounts


    GET  /accounts/{accountId}

  • Added fullAcountNumberFields:
    • In the providers endpoint, a new parameter fullAcountNumberFields input parameter is introduced to filter the providers that support paymentAccountNumber and/or unmaskedAccountNumber.
    • In the containerAttributes entity in the response, fullAcountNumberFields entity is introduced that will return container-level support for paymentAccountNumber and/or unmaskedAccountNumber.
      Impacted API URLs:
      GET  /providers


      GET  /providers/{providerId}

Verifying Investment Accounts

In FastLink 3.0 and Yodlee API v1.1, the account verification capability has been extended to the investment accounts. Verification of investment accounts applies only to accounts that depict a cash management account behavior.
Yodlee will continue to offer bank accounts verification as the default offering. Contact Yodlee Client Services, if investment accounts verification feature has to be enabled for Yodlee API v1.1 or FastLink 3.0 customers.
Verification of investment accounts is currently limited to the following sites, and the site coverage will continue to increase going forward:

# Financial Institution
1 Charles Schwab
3 TD Ameritrade Inc.
4 Fidelity Investments
5 Raymond James
6 Wells Fargo

Stability Fix in FastLink 3.0

  • Enter routing number flow removed:
    In Yodlee FastLink 3.0, for Account Verification customers that have the Challenge Deposit Verification feature enabled, the option to enter the routing number to locate a site has been removed.
    The Enter Routing Number button and the adjoining text in the Select a Site screen in FastLink has been removed. The FastLink 3.0 free-form search bar already supports searching sites using the routing number. There is no change in the site-search functionality, and it will continue to function as expected.
  • Message change:
    The message that is displayed in the Select a Site screen when the search result is empty has been changed:
    Old Message New Message
    No results found for <search-string>. Are you sure you spelled it right? We didn’t find any results for <search-string>. You may need to search for a different financial institution.

Wealth – New Features/Enhancements

Holdings and Data Extracts API Enhancement

The holdings and data extracts Yodlee APIs v1.1 and v1.0 have been enhanced to return security style and enriched security description in the API response. The enrichedDescription and securityStyle attributes will be present in the API response based on the type of the security and the availability of data. The scope of this enhancement is limited to the investment and insurance containers.

Impacted API URLs:

GET  /holdings


GET  /derived/holdingSummary


GET  /dataExtracts/userData


Transaction Data Enrichment – New Features/Enhancements

Categorization Enrichment for Business Accounts

The nature of transactions of business accounts are different from those of retail accounts. Transaction Data Enrichment (TDE V2) has been enhanced to enrich the transactions of business accounts, in addition to enriching the transactions of retail accounts. Customers will be able to reap the transaction enrichment benefits for business accounts as well. This feature will initially be available for the customers in the United States. Contact Yodlee Client Services to avail the feature.
Business accounts transactions will be enriched with one of the following business categories:

  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • General Expenses
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Non-Operating Revenue
  • Other Deposits
  • Personal Expenses
  • Personal Income
  • Sales Revenue
  • Transfers

Detail or Granular Category Changes

  • New additions:
    To offer better categorization to our customers, and to identify the business-related transactions, the following new debit-side detail categories have been introduced:
    • Business Taxes - Federal
    • Business Taxes - Payroll
    • Business Taxes - State
    • Wages Paid - Direct
    • Wages Paid - Indirect
    • Child Support Payments
    • Line of Credit Payment
    • Wage Expenses
  • Mapping change:
    The mapping of the detailed category Tax Refund has been changed from Salary/Regular Income to Deposits master category.

Simple Description Enhancement

To enable customers understand ambiguous transactions, enhancements have been made in the simple description logic to provide more contextual simple descriptions.

Transactions API Enhancement

The Get Transactions API v1.1 has been enhanced to return intermediaries for transactions processed using third-party payment processors or secondary merchants, transaction mode (i.e., online or physical), and transaction merchant logo URL. The intermediary, isPhysical, and logoURL attributes will be present in the API response. A separate feature enablement is required to get these fields in Get Transactions API response. The scope of this enhancement is limited to TDE enriched transactions of the US region.

GET  /transactions